Covid-19 Service Restrictions

Last Updated: 11th June 2021
Current Status: We are OPEN subject to restrictions below
​We are operating in a Covid Secure way throughout the easing of the national lockdown restrictions to protect both our staff and clients. We have lifted all of our service restrictions and have welcomed all our staff back into our ironing facility.  We are still operating at a slightly reduced capacity to allow effective social distancing within our facility.
Covid-Secure Collections & Deliveries:
Where possible please leave your ironing in a safe place for us to collect from and deliver too.
Our drivers will wear face coverings and sanitise their hands before and after touching your ironing.
Please pay by Card or Bank Transfer where possible, Card Machines are sanitised after each use.
Drop off's & Pick up's:
If you drop your ironing off to us, then please wear a face covering while in the facility.
Please sanitise your hands at the Sanitisation point in the entrance.
Do not enter our facility if you have Covid-19 Symptoms.
Secure Processing:
Our team members regularly sanitise their hands and fully wash them between customers.
All ironing boards, presses and folding areas are fully sanitised between customers.
Returned hangers are sanitised before being reused.
Team members have their temperature taken at the start of their shift.
We are working at a slightly reduced capacity to ensure social distancing is maintained in the facility.
Please do not use our Ironing Services if you or a member of your household is showing symptoms of Coronavirus (Covid-19)