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Airbnb laundry
terms & conditions

Here is the small print relating to the Airbnb Laundry Services provided by Crease Away.  Please note that by placing a booking online, by phone, email or text you are accepting these Terms & Conditions of Service and agree to be bound by them.

Terms & Conditions effective from 22nd April 2024.


Payment Terms & Deposits

  • All Airbnb customers will be given an account with Crease Away (subject to status) and will be invoiced per load or monthly according to suit.  All invoices are to be settled in fully by Bank Transfer or Direct Debit within 7 days of the invoice date.


  • If you require us to provide you with Colour Coded Laundry Hampers then we can do so.  There is a one-off deposit payable of £10.00 per hamper provided.  This deposit will be returned to you when you return your hamper. 


Collection & Delivery Service

  • We offer a free delivery and collection service in the following areas Calne (SN11), Chippenham (SN14, SN15), Cirencester (GL7), Devizes (SN10), Malmesbury (SN16), Melksham (SN12) and Swindon (SN1, SN2, SN3, SN4, SN5, SN6, SN25, SN26). 

  • There is a minimum collection fee of £20 for all Airbnb Laundry Services.


Missed Collection & Missed Delivery Charges

  • We reserve the right to charge a Missed Collection fee if you have no Laundry to send into us when we attend on a scheduled collection day.  The missed collection fee will be charged at £10 per missed collection.



  • Customers are required to provide an itemised list of all items included in the laundry collection, this can be done by completing an Airbnb Count Sheet, or by listing all items on a piece of paper and including this with your laundry.


  • By using our Airbnb Laundry Service you agree that all items sent in to us for Laundering are suitable for a bulk linen wash at 60 degrees and are also suitable for drying in a tumble dryer.  All linen should also be suitable for ironing with a commercial rotary press.


Lost / Missing Items

  • At Crease Away we take great care in looking after the items you have sent into us to be cleaned or ironed and have many fail safe procedures in place to ensure items are not lost or mixed up with other customer bookings.  This includes CCTV, tagging, and re-weighing of items throughout the Ironing and Laundry process.

  • If in the unlikely event that you are missing an item then you should notify us within 24 hours of your Laundry being returned to you.  In the event that we cannot locate your missing item(s) then we will compensate you to a maximum of £50 per item and to the maximum of £500 per collection.

Damage to items

  • In the unlikely event that we cause damage to your items through negligence or faulty machinery then we will fully compensate you to the current retail value of the item.  We may do this either by replacing the item on a like for like basis or by providing you with financial compensation.

  • We will not be liable for damage caused to a garment or item that has been Laundered, Dry Cleaned, or Ironed at the ‘Customers own risk’ due to not having a care label attached.

  • We will not be liable for damage caused to a garment or item that has been sent for Laundering when it’s not suitable to be laundered.

  • We will not be liable for damage to any accessory attached to a garment or item such as belts, buckles, brooches, logos, fur, zips, buttons, sequins, or beading.

  • We will not be liable for damage to any garment included in a bulk service wash which has not been suitably separated by the customer, this includes but is not limited to shrinkage and colour running.

  • We will not be liable for damage to any garment or item which is already damaged when it is sent into us for cleaning or ironing.

  • Laundering and Dry Cleaning of garments and items will overtime lead to colour fading, this is normal and therefore we cannot be held responsible for this type of damage.


Stain Removal

  • Successful Stain Removal through the Laundry & Dry-Cleaning process cannot be guaranteed.  However, by letting us know about the stained item when it’s sent into us will increase our chances in getting the stain out.  The best way to let us know about a stain is to place it into a separate bag within your laundry bag, and make a note on your count sheet or inventory that there is a stained item enclosed.

  • Successful Stain removal depends on many factors such as the composition and age of the stain, the type and age of fabric, dyes in the fabric and previous cleaning attempts.

  • We do not charge extra for Stain treatments and will do all we can to try and remove the stain without causing damage to your garment / item. Unfortunately, if we are unsuccessful in removing the stain then the cost of the original booking will still be payable in full.



  • As standard all duvet covers and sheets will be labelled according to size during the ironing stage.

  • We will also label items where we have been unable to remove stains.



  • You may cancel your booking up until 7am on the day your collection is due.  Once your booking has been collected then it cannot be cancelled.  We reserve the right to charge a Missed Collection Fee If you cancel after the 7am deadline.

  • If you have sent in curtains, blinds, rugs, or complex items to be dry cleaned, then you have the right to cancel your booking and have your items returned at no charge if the price of the service exceeds your budget.

  • We reserve the right to cancel your booking if you have an outstanding balance with us, or that we feel cleaning your items will result in damage.  In either case you will not be charged for the cancellation.


Unclaimed Items

If in the event we are unable to deliver your item(s) or you fail to collect your item(s) then we will hold on to them for a period of 12 weeks while making every effort to contact you.  If items remain un-claimed after the 12-week period, then we will donate your items to the local homeless charity 'Doorway' in Chippenham.  We will of course still be owed for the cleaning and will of course try and reclaim these costs from you.

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